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Orthodontist in Woodlands, TX Offers Invisalign First for Kids

Dr. Tun, your family orthodontist in Woodlands, TX, may recommend that your young child have phase one orthodontics. Phase one is appropriate for kids as young as six years old. The purpose of phase one orthodontics is to make and reserve space for all incoming permanent teeth, to avoid crowding and other misalignment issues. 

How Invisalign First Works

Like adult Invisalign, Invisalign First relies on a series of BPA-free, clear, removable, custom-made aligners. Gentle and consistent pressure applied by the aligners guides teeth into the desired position. The system is ideal for children between the ages of six and 10. 

Treatment may include expanding the upper arch, called palatal expansion, as well as spacers where lost teeth have left an open socket for permanent teeth. 

Traditionally, palatal expanders are cemented in place and come with a key that the parent uses to increase the horizontal expansion of the appliance. In contrast, an Invisalign First palatal expander has no fixed elements. It is completely removable and leaves the upper palate open. This allows the patient to hold his tongue in normal position, against the upper palate (or roof of the mouth).

Benefits of Invisalign First

With Invisalign First for phase one orthodontic therapy, your precious child won’t have to endure the appearance of bulky metal braces and the stigma they can create. Nor will he experience the painful sores that metal brackets cause to soft oral tissues or the uncomfortable tightening appointments required with traditional braces.

Benefits of Invisalign First include:

They’re Discreet: Invisalign aligners are clear, so your child’s orthodontic therapy will be hardly noticeable, if at all. This helps a child maintain high self-confidence in his image.

They’re Comfortable: Flexible acrylic aligners are much more comfortable than metal brackets and wires. Oftentimes, children who wear traditional braces must endure painful oral sores caused by brackets and wires. Additionally, wires can poke the interior cheeks, in the back of the mouth, which causes significant discomfort.

They’re Removable: Because they’re easy to remove and replace, your child can remove his aligners when eating a meal, cleaning his teeth, and for special occasions. Cleaning orthodontic braces can be a challenge, especially in a child’s mouth. With Invisalign, simply remove the aligner and clean your child’s teeth normally, brushing twice a day and flossing before bedtime. Rinse the Invisalign aligner with a fragrance-free soap before replacing it in the mouth. Invisalign should be worn overnight, every night. 

They’re Effective: If worn as often as directed, Invisalign First is as effective as traditional braces for issues like crowding, spacing problems, misalignment, and narrow arch. Your little one will enjoy great oral health and a beautiful smile when therapy is complete.

For more information on Invisalign First, read this technical article. 

Length of Treatment

As an orthodontist in Woodlands, TX, Dr. Tun tells patients that Invisalign First treatment generally lasts six to 18 months. Your child will need to move to a new aligner and discard his current aligner every four to seven days, based on Dr. Tun’s instructions. 

Call Dr. Tun, Your Trusted Orthodontist in Woodlands, TX

If your child is recommended for phase one orthodontics, or if you want to schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Tun, call Harmony Orthodontics today at 832-699-3683. Harmony Orthodontics is located in Tomball, TX. 

Our orthodontic consultation is a no-cost, no-obligation appointment that allows you and your child to meet Dr. Tun, ask questions, and discuss your child’s orthodontic concerns. Dr. Tun will conduct a thorough orthodontic assessment, including X-rays, and explain the preferred treatment options for your child. Mention your interest in Invisalign First if your little one needs phase one treatment.