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About Invisalign First

Kids as Young as Six May Qualify for Invisalign

Invisalign has developed a clear aligner therapy for early orthodontics called Invisalign First. Instead of having to wear metal brackets and wires, children can enjoy removable, comfortable, clear aligners.

A general dentist may suggest an orthodontic consultation for a child as young as age seven years old if teeth are crowded and/or the dental arch appears narrow. This childhood therapy is known as early orthodontics or phase one. Early orthodontics guides the proper development of young jaws and arches, so incoming permanent teeth have sufficient room to come in straight and beautiful. As a result, phase one treatment helps improve self-esteem.

In many cases, children need palatal expanders to broaden the upper palate. Invisalign First aligners can widen the upper arch, while also applying gentle forces to shift permanent teeth into alignment.

Benefits of Invisalign First

  • No poking wires or irritating metal brackets – so no wax

  • Creates space for developing permanent teeth

  • Inconspicuous look

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Easy cleaning and oral hygiene

  • No dietary restrictions

  • Reduced risk of trauma (during sports, for instance)

How It Works

Invisalign First works like adult Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. First, Dr. Tun takes digital scans of your child’s teeth and jaws. Next, she applies special Invisalign treatment planning software to map out a series of aligners that will achieve proper occlusion. Finally, a certified Invisalign lab fabricates all the aligners in your child’s treatment plan. 

Your child will wear his or her Invisalign First aligners 22 hours per day, removing them during meals and when cleaning the aligners and their teeth. Every eight to ten weeks, you’ll bring your little one in to see Dr. Tun, so she can make sure treatment is going as planned. After completing treatment, your child will wear a retainer. We may recommend a fixed retainer in some cases.


Will my child qualify for Invisalign First?

Most cases qualify because Invisalign First for phase one ortho treats the majority of occlusal and developmental issues we see in children. A no-cost, no-obligation appointment with certified Invisalign dentist and board-certified orthodontist Dr. Wint W. Tun will allow her to advise you on whether your kid is a good candidate for Invisalign First.

How can I make sure my child wears his aligners?

If you think your little one will purposefully reject wearing aligners or regularly damage, misplace, or forget them, traditional braces may be the best treatment option.

What happens if my kid loses or misplaces an Invisalign First aligner?

As soon as possible, give us a call at 832-699-3683 to request a replacement aligner. It’s important that your child get a replacement quickly, to avoid relapse (teeth shifting back toward their improper position). Relapse will necessitate more scans, more aligners, and more expense.

Is Invisalign First the best option for my child?

At your child’s consultation, talk with Dr. Tun about your concerns. Ask as many questions as you like. In fact, we encourage parents to write down questions and bring them to the visit, to make sure you get all the answers you need. Together, you, your child, and Dr. Tun will determine whether Invisalign First or traditional braces is the best option.

Call us today at 832-699-3683 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation Invisalign First consultation with Dr. Wint W. Tun in Tomball. We are accepting new patients and look forward to helping you navigate orthodontic therapy with your child. The investment is well worth the lifetime results!