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Dive into the World of Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign

Your smile is a powerful asset, capable of turning heads and leaving a lasting impression. As advancements in dentistry continue to flourish, the realm of cosmetic dentistry offers an array of treatments to enhance and transform smiles. Among these innovations, Invisalign® stands out as a revolutionary solution for achieving a straighter, more radiant smile.

Would you like to explore your cosmetic dentistry options with a skilled and trusted orthodontist in Tomball, Spring, or Woodland, TX? Contact Dr. Wint Tun at Harmony Orthodontics today. We can help you choose options that work best for your smile and budget. Get started by dialing (832) 699-3683 now!

Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond addressing dental health problems– it aims to refine the aesthetics of your smile. From veneers to teeth whitening, these treatments cater to individuals seeking a confidence boost and a radiant smile that reflects their true selves.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening procedures use safe and effective techniques to lift stubborn stains and discoloration. Whether through convenient at-home kits or personalized in-office treatments, teeth whitening can significantly enhance the brightness of your smile.


For those seeking comprehensive cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers offer a transformative solution. These small, shell-like prosthetics look exactly like the front surface of teeth. When dentists adhere these shells to problematic teeth, they act like a facade to cover damage and discoloration, thereby hiding cosmetic issues.  

Veneers provide a durable and natural-looking enhancement, giving individuals the opportunity to achieve their desired smile.

Invisalign – The Modern Approach to Straightening Teeth

Many adult patients are hesitant to undergo traditional braces treatment. This is usually because they don’t want to draw unwanted attention to their smiles during treatment.

Invisalign, however, has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry and orthodontia by offering a nearly invisible alternative to traditional braces. This clear aligner system utilizes personalized, temporary trays that gradually shift teeth into the desired position.

Advantages of Invisalign

There are plenty of notable advantages of Invisalign, including:


The clear aligner trays are exactly that – clear! This means that they are extremely hard to detect, allowing individuals to undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling self-conscious.


Unlike traditional braces, dentists design clear aligners using smooth, comfortable plastic. This eliminates the discomfort that many patients feel while wearing metal wires and brackets. As a result, the absence of sharp edges reduces the likelihood of irritation and sores.


Invisalign aligners are removable, granting individuals the flexibility to eat, drink, and maintain oral hygiene without any hindrance. This feature also makes it easier to clean both the aligners and teeth.

Treatment Duration

In many cases, Invisalign treatment may have a shorter duration compared to traditional braces. Indeed, most mild misalignments require only about six months to correct using Invisalign. 

Digital Precision

Invisalign treatment involves advanced digital technology, allowing for precise planning and customization. The virtual treatment plan helps individuals visualize the expected outcome and monitor progress throughout the process.

Explore Cosmetic Dentistry Near Tomball, TX

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved into an art form, providing individuals with a variety of options to enhance their smiles. Among these options, Invisalign stands as a testament to the continuous innovation in the field. If you’d like to explore this treatment with Dr. Wint Tun, schedule your consultation at Harmony Orthodontics today! You can schedule appointments online or at (832) 699-3683.

Take the Quiz: Are you or your child a candidate for Invisalign®?

Whether you want to correct widespread dental misalignment, or you just want a minor cosmetic adjustment, you have numerous orthodontic treatments to choose from. Invisalign® is becoming increasingly popular among patients of all ages – from six to sixty-six. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses custom-made clear aligners to straighten teeth. But how do you know whether this subtle orthodontic treatment is right for you or your child?

Our quiz below is a great place to get started when researching your treatment options. Of course, you should also schedule a consultation at Harmony Orthodontics in Tomball, TX. Dr. Wint Tun will thoroughly examine your tooth alignment. She will also discuss your goals, lifestyle, and budget. Then she can help you make a confident decision about your care. 

To schedule your consultation, contact Harmony Orthodontics today.

1. What orthodontic problem(s) do you wish to correct?

  1. General misalignment
  2. Gaps between teeth
  3. Overbite, underbite, or crossbite
  4. Open bite 

Interpreting the answer: If you answered A, B, C, or D, you may be a candidate for Invisalign. Many people assume that clear aligners are only appropriate for minor cosmetic issues. Actually, they can correct most of the same problems that standard braces can address.

2. Are you or your child generally responsible?

  1. Yes, definitely
  2. Not at all 
  3. It depends on how motivated I am

Interpreting the answer: If you answered A or C, Invisalign could be a great choice! But if you answered B, you may want to go with traditional braces. This is because Invisalign aligners are removable, so you can take them out for eating and cleaning. However, to see the best results, you need to wear your trays about 22 hours a day. If you or your child is likely to lose the aligners or forget to wear them, you may feel more comfortable with braces that are bonded in place.

3. Do you or your child play contact sports?

1. Yes

2. No

Interpreting the answer: If you answered yes, you should definitely consider Invisalign. The rough brackets on traditional braces can cause painful injuries to the lips and cheeks. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are smooth and relatively soft, making them far safer for athletes. 

4. Do you have gum disease?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Interpreting the answer: If you answered yes, you are probably not a candidate for Invisalign – yet. It is important to have periodontal treatment before undergoing orthodontic care. Once you receive treatment, however, Invisalign may actually be a better choice than braces. Since you can remove the trays, you can better clean your teeth and reduce your risk of a gum disease flareup. 

5. Has your child lost all their baby teeth?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Interpreting the answer: Either way, Invisalign may be the solution you need. Children as young as six or seven may benefit from early orthodontic intervention. Known as Phase I treatment, this initial phase can make room for incoming adult teeth and shorten overall treatment time. Invisalign FirstTM is an innovative treatment that allows young children to enjoy the benefits of clear aligners. 

Contact Us for an Invisalign Consultation 

Ultimately, a diagnostic consultation is the only way to know with certainty that Invisalign is right for you. 

Schedule your appointment online or call 832-699-3683. 

Orthodontist in Spring, TX, Answers Invisalign® FAQs

In the realm of orthodontic treatments, Invisalign has earned a winning reputation as a revolutionary option, offering a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. As the popularity of Invisalign continues to grow, so does the curiosity surrounding this innovative teeth-straightening method. Our orthodontist in Spring, TX, is here to shed some light on clear aligner therapy.

Your first step toward a straighter smile begins with an Invisalign consultation at Harmony Orthodontics near Spring, TX. Schedule yours today at (832) 699-3683! 

It’s good to have questions about orthodontic treatments. Here, our orthodontist in Spring, TX, answers frequently asked questions about Invisalign to share some wisdom on this transformative treatment.

1. What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic solution that has been around for decades. The system uses a series of clear, custom-made aligners to shift and straighten teeth incrementally over several months. 

2. How does Invisalign work?

The treatment process begins with a consultation with our orthodontist in Spring, TX. At this appointment, our team creates a 3D digital model of the patient’s teeth. Based on this model, we then create a series of custom aligners specially crafted to fit their teeth. 

Invisalign patients wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before transitioning to the next set of aligners in their treatment plan. As patients progress through the series, their teeth gradually shift into the desired position.

3. Can Invisalign treat all types of orthodontic issues?

While Invisalign is effective for treating a wide range of orthodontic issues (including overcrowded teeth, gaps, and bite irregularities) it may not be suitable for complex cases. Our orthodontist in Spring, TX, assesses each patient’s specific situation during their consultation to determine if Invisalign is the right fit for them.

4. How long does Invisalign treatment take?

The duration of Invisalign treatment varies based on individual needs. In some cases, our orthodontist in Spring, TX, can remediate minor misalignments in six months. However, on average, Invisalign treatment may take anywhere from 12 to 18 months or even longer.

Luckily, patients can speed up their treatment timelines by adhering to beneficial practices, such as:

  • Wearing aligners for no less than 22 hours daily
  • Conducting sufficient oral hygiene after snacks and meals
  • Replacing aligners weekly rather than every other week

5. Is Invisalign painful?

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is generally considered more comfortable. However, patients may experience some initial discomfort or pressure when switching to a new set of aligners. Fortunately, this discomfort is only temporary and is a positive sign that the treatment is progressing favorably. 

6. Can I eat and drink with Invisalign?

Of course! A major perk of Invisalign is that patients can take out their aligners before eating. This means that they can enjoy all their favorite foods without the restrictions that come with traditional braces. 

Just remember – patients must rinse and gently brush their aligners with lukewarm water and brush their teeth before reinserting the trays after eating

7. Is Invisalign suitable for all ages?

Invisalign is a versatile treatment option suitable for most children, teens, and adults. In fact, our orthodontist in Spring, TX, recommends early orthodontic intervention as early as seven years old.

Visit Our Orthodontist in Spring, TX

These are just a few questions that patients commonly ask our orthodontist in Spring, TX. If you have more questions about Invisalign, don’t be shy – contact the team at Harmony Orthodontics today! Patients can request information and appointments online, or they can call us at (832) 699-3683.

The secret to Invisalign® success? Prioritizing oral hygiene.

When it comes to achieving a radiant and confident grin, Invisalign is the preferred choice for many individuals seeking orthodontic treatment. The clear aligners provide a discreet, comfortable, and convenient way to straighten teeth. However, maintaining proper oral hygiene during Invisalign treatment is crucial for achieving the best results.

Before starting clear aligner therapy, it is best to have your oral health examined by a trained professional, like Dr. Wint Tun. Contact Harmony Orthodontics in Tomball, TX, today at (832) 699-3683 to see if your smile is ready for Invisalign.

In this post, we explore why oral hygiene is so important while on Invisalign and provide tips to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

1. Preventing Cavities and Gum Disease

One of the most significant benefits of Invisalign is its removable nature, which allows patients to continue eating their favorite foods and practice good oral hygiene. However, if patients neglect proper oral care, their clear aligners can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and food particles. These factors can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

To prevent these issues, it’s essential to brush and floss after every meal and rinse the aligners before reinserting them. And, don’t forget – patients must wear their aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours each day for optimal results

2. Maintaining Aligner Clarity

Many people love aligners because they are transparent. However, the plastic trays can become cloudy or discolored without proper oral hygiene. This can make them much more noticeable.

To keep aligners clear and inconspicuous, clean them regularly. Our Tomball orthodontist recommends using a soft toothbrush and mild soap or the specialized cleaning crystals provided by Invisalign.

3. Avoiding Bad Breath

Neglecting oral hygiene while wearing clear aligners can also lead to bad breath. Regularly cleaning food particles and bacteria from teeth and aligners helps keep breath fresh and confidence intact.

4. Preventing Aligner Odor

Just as our breath can suffer from poor oral hygiene, so can clear aligners. To avoid this, clean aligners daily and store them in their protective case when not in use. This will help keep them fresh and odor-free.

5. Ensuring Proper Teeth Movement

Maintaining oral hygiene isn’t just about preventing dental problems—it’s also essential for the effectiveness of Invisalign treatment. Clean teeth and gums allow the aligners to fit snugly, ensuring that they can apply the necessary pressure to shift teeth into their desired positions. 

6. Reducing the Risk of Staining

Dentists make aligner trays from a clear plastic material that is susceptible to stains and discoloration if not properly cleaned. So, keep aligners away from pigmented treats, like berries, coffee, tea, or red wine

Schedule an Invisalign Consultation in Tomball, TX

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is not just a suggestion — it’s a requirement for a successful Invisalign journey. If you have any questions or concerns about your Invisalign treatment or oral hygiene, don’t hesitate to reach out to our orthodontist in Tomball, TX. The team at Harmony Orthodontics is here to foster your success. So, contact us today! You can schedule a consultation online, or call our crew at (832) 699-3683 for more information.

Top 7 Reasons Why Invisalign® Is Really Worth It

If you want a confident, radiant smile, then you’ve probably considered orthodontics, like Invisalign. This treatment is a modern take on traditional braces. Instead of bulky, irritating metal, Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners to shift teeth into perfect alignment. For many patients, it sounds too good to be true, raising the question: Is Invisalign really worth it?

The short answer is: Yes! At Harmony Orthodontics in Tomball, TX, we help patients build their dream smiles with effective solutions. See if Invisalign is right for you by calling our team at (832) 699-3683 today!

Clear aligners offer a host of benefits, making it a worthy investment for those seeking a straighter smile. In this blog, we explore the top seven reasons why Invisalign is worth every consideration.

Invisibility and Aesthetics

According to 2022 data, roughly 76% of us base our first impressions of people predominantly on their smiles. That’s a lot of pressure for our pearly whites!

With traditional braces, many patients feel self-conscious about their smiles. With clear aligners, however, they blend seamlessly with your teeth, making them virtually invisible and aesthetically pleasing.

Removability and Flexibility

Clear aligners are removable, giving you the flexibility to take them out for meals, special occasions, and when brushing and flossing. This makes maintaining good oral hygiene easier and allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without the restrictions associated with traditional braces. 

Comfort and Reduced Irritation

Traditional braces can sometimes lead to discomfort due to the metal wires and brackets rubbing against the soft tissues of the mouth. In contrast, Invisalign aligners are crafted from smooth plastic, significantly reducing the risk of irritation and soreness

Predictable and Customized Treatment

Clear aligner treatment involves a highly personalized approach. Employing advanced 3D imaging technology, your orthodontist can create a digital model of your teeth, allowing you to preview the expected outcome of your treatment. 

Shorter Treatment Duration

In some cases, Invisalign treatment can be completed in a shorter time compared to traditional braces. This is due to the innovative SmartTrack material used in the aligners, which exerts gentle yet ultra-precise forces to guide teeth into their desired positions. 

Minimal Lifestyle Disruption

Wearing clear aligners does not disrupt your daily life as drastically as traditional braces might. Whether you’re participating in sports, playing musical instruments, or engaging in public speaking, the flexibility and removability of Invisalign aligners allow you to continue your regular activities without major hindrance.

Boosted Self-Confidence

Invisalign’s ability to correct misalignment discreetly often results in a boost in confidence, leading to improved social interactions, professional opportunities, and overall well-being. The positive psychological effects of having a smile you’re proud of cannot be underestimated!

Invisalign Doctor Near Tomball, TX

Invisalign has changed the name of the orthodontics game. If you want to experience the benefits of this revolutionary treatment for yourself, contact the team at Harmony Orthodontics in Tomball, TX. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wint Tun online here, or contact our front desk at (832) 699-3683 for more information and booking.

Introduction to Invisalign

Since 1998, Invisalign® has been available in the United States. By 2001, the company went public and was valued at $1 billion. Worldwide, countless image-conscious people have transformed their smiles and self-confidence with Invisalign clear, removable orthodontic aligners.

Since 1998, Invisalign has developed many product lines. The original Invisalign is for teens and adults, and it has three subcategories (Express, Light, and Comprehensive) for different case types. 

However, the company also offers:

  • Invisalign Teen
  • Invisalign First (phase 1 ortho)
  • Invisalign i7 (for crowded teeth)
  • Invisalign Full (complex cases)
  • Vivera Retainers
  • Invisalign Whitening (ortho with whitening)

In today’s blog, we’ll focus on basic, traditional Invisalign and explain:

  • What Invisalign Is
  • What Invisalign Does
  • What to Expect During Treatment
  • How to Maintain A Great Smile Post-Invisalign

What Invisalign Is

At Harmony Orthodontics, Dr. Wint Tun provides Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign is a custom therapy that uses digital scans of the patient’s dentition to create a progressive treatment plan with clear, disposable aligners. 

Then an Invisalign lab fabricates a series of aligners for a patient, based on designs produced by proprietary software. Each clear acrylic aligner fits snugly and securely over the upper, lower, or both arches of teeth. 

What Invisalign Does

Over six to 18 months, Invisalign’s custom-made aligners can reposition teeth to improve appearance and oral function.

Some Invisalign products accomplish other things. For instance, the Invisalign First aligner helps expand a child’s palate. Also, Invisalign Whitening simultaneously accomplishes teeth movement and whitening.

What to Expect During Treatment

We will send your case to our Invisalign lab, and then you’ll return to our office once the aligners arrive. Dr. Tun will guide you through how to wear and care for your aligners. She’ll explain what you need to do to see desired results by your projected treatment completion date. 

Wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. Remove them when cleaning teeth, eating a meal, or attending a special event.

If an aligner is lost or damaged, the patient should contact our office immediately, so we can order a replacement. Neglecting to wear an aligner can, in a short time, allow teeth to begin shifting back toward their initial position. 

Clean your aligners daily. Rinse them with cool (never hot) water and an unscented, transparent soap, like dish or hand soap. If your aligner discolors because you ate or drank staining foods while wearing the aligners, you can clean them at home. Mix half lukewarm water with half hydrogen peroxide and soak your aligners in the solution for about 20 minutes. Rinse and reinsert them.

Six-week check-in visits allow Dr. Tun to evaluate progress and answer any questions you have about your treatment.

How to Maintain A Great Smile Post-Invisalign

After Invisalign treatment is complete, you’ll need to wear a retainer. At first, you’ll wear it all day, every day for a few weeks to a few months, according to Dr. Tun’s instructions. Then you should wear your retainer every night while you sleep so that teeth retain their positions. Upon request, Dr. Tun can bond the retainer to the back of your teeth, making it permanent, so you won’t lose it or forget to wear it. 

If you’d like a no-cost, no-obligation Invisalign consultation at our Tomball, TX, orthodontist office, call us at 832-699-3683. As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Tun has the training, experience, and professionalism to deliver excellent service and head-turning results!

What Are the Best Braces for Kids?

Your children–you adore them and so do we. Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Wint W. Tun and the compassionate, kid-friendly team at Harmony Orthodontics want to invite you and your children to join our family of patients. We always want the best for our young patients, so Dr. Tun offers a variety of braces for kids. To determine which is best for your child, schedule a no-cost, no-obligation orthodontic consultation in our Tomball office with Dr. Tun by calling 832-699-3683.

What happens at an ortho consultation?

Children’s smiles are as diverse as their personalities! All kids should have an ortho consult by age 7, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Your little one may not need braces, or he might be best served by Invisalign First, and another child in your household may be well suited for traditional braces. This is why Dr. Tun offers a free consultation. 

At your first appointment, we will take x-rays and photos, then Dr. Tun sit down with you (and your child, if he wants) to explain her findings and treatment recommendations. Your input is important during the consultation because you can share valuable insight into the lifestyle factors and habits that will help us choose the best braces for your child.

Now, let’s explore the options. The following braces for kids are available in our Tomball orthodontist office.

Types of Children’s Braces: Ages 6 to 9

The type of braces your child needs will depend upon his specific case and age. Early orthodontics, also called phase one ortho or interceptive braces, creates additional space in the mouth for incoming permanent teeth. This allows your child to avoid future extractions, which are necessary when kids’ mouths are too small for all their permanent teeth. In addition, phase one ortho can set a child up for fewer orthodontic issues in his teens and adult years.

If a child needs phase one, Dr. Tun may suggest Invisalign First or palatal expanders prior to placing traditional braces. Both types of braces for kids have pros and cons.

Traditional Braces for Phase One Orthodontics

The braces we know from our childhood have significantly evolved in the past few decades. Today, traditional braces for kids are smaller, lighter, and less obtrusive than the train tracks you may have worn.

Dr. Tun will recommend traditional braces for kids when simpler options, like Invisalign First, won’t solve the orthodontic issues.

With braces, more precise tooth movement can be achieved. Issues like lifting teeth further out of the jaw or pressing them deeper can only be achieved with traditional braces. Twisted teeth require a straightening strategy that only traditional braces can achieve, as well. Perhaps most important, patients cannot remove traditional braces, so compliance is practically guaranteed. Invisalign First requires that the patient choose to comply every day to be effective.

Also, in phase one ortho, we use a palatal expander to guide bone growth of the upper jaw, creating room for incoming permanent teeth. While Invisalign First also expands the upper palate, it isn’t ideal for extremely narrow mouths. Once the palate is sufficiently expanded with a palatal expander, in some cases the patient can opt for Invisalign instead of traditional braces.

Invisalign First: Removable, Clear Aligners for Kids

In the past, Invisalign was made only for adults, then they created version for teenagers. Today, parents and young children can opt for Invisalign First, an effective phase one orthodontic therapy for children, ages 6 to about 9. The clear aligners are made with the same special software and materials we use for Invisalign for adults and Invisalign Teen. 

Invisalign First can expand the upper palate without the use of a traditional palatal expander with a key. However, children must wear their aligners as instructed, 22 hours per day, to see projected results. Non-compliance or partial-compliance will delay results and could allow relapse, meaning teeth shift back out of alignment when the aligner isn’t worn. Relapse creates the need for a new treatment plan, so wearing the aligners as instructed is imperative for success.

Invisalign First is wonderful for oral home care! The removable aligners can be brushed and rinsed clean, and teeth are free of any obstruction. The patient should floss and brush normally, but parents, please make sure your child does a thorough job morning and evening.

Learn More About Braces for Kids

If you want to talk with board-certified orthodontist Dr. Wint W. Tun about the best braces for your kids, give us a ring at 832-699-3683. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation orthodontist consultation today!

What Newcomers Should Know About Invisalign®

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is a popular and discreet option that can straighten your teeth without the use of traditional braces. While Invisalign treatment is ideal for most patients, there are still a few things to consider.

Are you ready to explore Invisalign with a top-ranking orthodontist in Tomball, TX? Delve deeper with Dr. Wint Tun at Harmony Orthodontics. Schedule your Invisalign consultation today at (832) 699-3683 to get started toward your dream smile!

As a newcomer to Invisalign, it’s essential to understand the treatment process, benefits, and key considerations. This blog provides a concise guide to help you make an informed decision.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign utilizes a series of custom-made clear aligner trays to gradually shift teeth into the desired position. Orthodontists use advanced 3D imaging technology to create these trays according to a precise treatment plan.

Patients must wear each set of aligners for roughly one to two weeks, for no fewer than 20 hours a day. Regular check-ups with an orthodontist allow for frequent adjustments to ensure speedy and natural progress. The treatment duration varies depending on individual needs but typically ranges from several months to over a year.

Benefits of Invisalign 

One of the primary advantages of Invisalign is its discreet appearance. The aligners are nearly invisible, making them an attractive option for individuals seeking a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces

Additionally, the aligners are removable, enabling patients to eat their favorite foods without restrictions while maintaining optimal oral hygiene. And, unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are smooth plastic, making them a more comfortable option for most patients. 

Lastly, the treatment process typically involves fewer office visits compared to traditional braces. This can save patients significant time and hassle. 

Compliance and Commitment

For successful Invisalign treatment, it is crucial to comply with the prescribed guidelines. Patients must wear their aligner trays for the recommended 20 to 22 hours daily, only removing them when eating, drinking (except water), brushing, and flossing. Failure to adhere to this schedule may prolong the treatment duration or compromise the desired outcome. 

Additionally, patients should maintain diligent and regular oral hygiene practices (such as daily brushing and flossing) to avoid cavities and other oral health issues. Compliance and commitment are key to achieving optimal results with this corrective treatment.

Potential Discomfort and Adjustments

Generally, patients consider Invisalign more comfortable than traditional braces. However, this does not mean that Invisalign is completely painless. Most patients experience some mild to moderate discomfort with the progression of clear aligner treatment. This is completely normal and to be expected.

The discomfort that patients feel with each new set of aligners usually subsides as the teeth adjust to the aligners. This can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. Alert your orthodontist if the pain lasts longer than three days. 

Invisalign in Tomball, TX

Invisalign offers a discreet and convenient solution for individuals seeking a straighter smile. Are you ready to see if this treatment is right for you? Schedule a consultation with the team at Harmony Orthodontics in Tomball, TX, today! Call our front desk at (832) 699-3683 or get scheduled online here.