Invisalign Treatment in Tomball, TX


  • Nearly invisible – no one knows you are straightening your teeth.

  • Removable – no need to alter your diet of lifestyle.

  • Fewer office visits – no wires mean no frequent adjustments.

  • No more emergency visits due to broken brackets or loose wires.

  • Requires wearing aligners 22 hours a day for optimal results.

invisalign retainer

SmartForce Attachment

These tiny and barely noticeable attachments help your aligners apply the right amount of force in the right direction, making complex teeth movement possible without braces.

SmartTrack Material

The SmartTrack material provides bitter fit, better comfort, and easier to insert and remove than any other aligners, moving your teeth more precisely and comfortably.


What is the Invisalign treatment process like?

The process starts with a consultation. Dr. Tun will evaluate your smile and treatment-plan your teeth movement via a computer simulation. Once it is approved, she will order a set of aligners custom-made for you. You achieve a beautiful smile by wearing and changing them as directed.

Who is Invisalign treatment for?

Invisalign treatment can be a good solution for adult patients who want a virtually invisible method to improve their smiles without interrupting their busy life.

Does Invisalign work as well as braces?

It depends on the case. There are some cases that Dr. Tun will only treat with Invisalign. During consultation, she will let you know whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

How much does Invisalign cost?

The Invisalign treatment fee can vary from $3,500 to $6,000 depending on the complexity of your case. We offer interest-free financing to make it affordable for everyone.

Since having my braces removed, my teeth have shifted. Can Invisalign fix this?

Yes. Many people who had braces before choose Invisalign when they find that their teeth have shifted back and they do not want braces again.

close-up of Invisalign retainer
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